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March 16 2018


Caffeine as weight loss supplement

Caffeine is a key ingredient in many dietary supplements, like WOLFSON BERG Ltd PhenQ weight loss supplement, because of its diuretic, appetite suppressing and fat burning properties, qualities that were proven in various clinical studies.

Caffeine can be found naturally in coffee, some types of nuts and in the leaves of some tropical plants, but it can also be found in various types of energy drinks, sodas, caffeine pills, and weight loss supplements.

In essence, caffeine is a psychoactive drug, which upon consumption stimulates the central nervous system, conferring to the consumer a boost of energy combined with an increased alertness state.


How can caffeine potentiate the effects of weight loss supplements?

To reveal you the answer, let me make a small case-study on the earlier mentioned PhenQ weight loss supplement, which is at the moment the best product on the weight loss supplements market.

PhenQ is made based on a unique recipe, combining the power of 9 different ingredients that are proven to help people losing weight:

l  Caffeine

l  α-LACYS RESET (alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine, and magnesium)

l  Capsicum

l  Nopal cactus extract

l  Piperine

l  Vitamin B3

l  Calcium

l  Chromium

l  L-Carnitine


Among them, caffeine plays an important role as an energy booster, potentiating the PhenQ weight loss supplement effects by simply keeping your body and mind in an active state. Caffeine in PhenQ is also a great help in the weight loss process, because of its diuretic, metabolic accelerating and appetite suppressing properties. In PhenQ weight supplement, alongside with Nopal cactus extract, caffeine stops the fluid retention process, flushing the fluids from the tissues, finally eliminating them through urine and sweat.


Is caffeine consumption safe for everyone?

To be honest, consuming caffeine could lead to hypertension and even to heart issues. If you know that you're facing hypertension, heart activity disorders, or other vascular disorders you have to be careful about how much caffeine you can consume to be safe.

If you're planning on using PhenQ, you don't need to worry, because the caffeine amount found in PhenQ weight supplement is in a safe quantity for every consumer, because PhenQ is not only using caffeine's weight loss power, but the combined power of 9 ingredients, as I've already explained, above.


What is the recommended daily dose of caffeine supplement?

If we're talking about weight loss supplements, the dosage indicated by the producer must be respected strictly.

In PhenQ weight supplement case, 2 pills every day is the recommended dose.


How to know if a weight loss supplement is safe?

Check on who is the producer and Google for any information you want to find out about it or simply contact the producer.

Search on the product's page for any FDA (for the US) or GMP (for the UK) approvals.

Research on clinical studies that involved that weight loss supplement consumption.


To make it easy for you, the PhenQ weight loss supplement is produced by WOLFSON BERG Ltd., a trusted producer, approved by both FDA and GMP.

There have been conducted several clinical studies on PhenQ, with great results, making of PhenQ weight loss supplement the most trustworthy and reliable product on the market.

Read more about PhenQ and benefit of our special offer: https://diets-usa.com/phenq-reviews/


Soy protein isolate benefits on muscle building

If you are on a diet but do not want to compromise your need for protein, you can add soy protein to your diet. It is an excellent substitute for animal protein. It has no cholesterol and contains saturated fat in small quantities. It is also a good source of vitamin B12, iron, calcium, zinc, and fiber. Even more, soy protein isolate benefits on muscle growth are huge, therefore soy protein isolate is essential for bodybuilders, along with whey protein and BCAA (branched chain amino acids).


Varieties of soy protein

Soy protein is present in various preparations, such as soy soup, meat imitations, cheese, milk and soy cream, milk formulas for infants, cereals, pasta, and bread. It can be divided into categories, depending on how it is produced.

The most refined form is called soy protein isolate. It is used in the production of meat substitutes, because it improves the texture and quality.

Soy Protein Isolate has about 90% protein.

Soybean protein concentrate, on the other hand, is found in soybeans in which carbohydrates have been eliminated. Soy protein concentrates contains 70% of soy protein.

Soy proteins is a complete protein

Soy protein contains all the essential amino acids of nutrition, earning the name of complete protein.

For example, cereals contain very small amounts of lysine, while legumes and vegetables have a low content of methionine and cysteine, two amino acids containing sulfur.

The soy protein contains these amino acids in large quantities, reaching a level similar to that of the animal protein, which makes soy protein essential for weight loss diets, vegans and vegetarians.

Legumes and vegetables have proteins with around 30% of the calories intake. The value is higher in the soybean protein. About 38% of soybean calories are attributed to their protein content.

Besides these obvious advantages of soy protein, it is also among the cheapest sources of protein in a diet. So when you keep a diet, using soy protein can provide you with the complete protein requirements without leaving a hole in your budget.


Soy protein is of high quality

Besides being a complete protein, soy is a high quality protein.

Soy has enough essential amino acids to meet the requirements for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years, being the group of years in which the maximum protein requirement should be met.

In addition, the soy protein is digested easily, reaching a digestibility score of about 97%.

The regular soy protein helps to reduce total cholesterol, and helps lower the levels of low-density lipoprotein (low cholesterol) and triglycerides. To get these benefits, eat at least 25g of soy protein every day. This quantity is about 1¼ cup of tofu, 30ml of soy flour or one-two cups of soy milk.

Obesity, diabetes, cancer, and menopause seem to be also reduced by the regular intake of soy protein. With regard to obesity and diabetes, consumption of soy protein can control hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinism, and can help maintain a healthy weight.

It has been shown that a chemical called genistein, which is present in soy, reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Phytoestrogens, which are also compounds of estrogen, are present in soy proteins. Regular intake of soy protein may help avoid the effects of menopause, including bone loss and increased cardiovascular risk.


Soy protein isolate benefits on muscle building

Soy protein isolate has properties that support the most effective protein supplement for growing the muscle mass, containing 90% soy protein plus amino acids, vitamins and minerals (all essential for muscle growth).

Besides, soy protein isolate contains protein isolate from soybeans, which are the vegetable proteins with the highest purity level.

The complete and efficient concentrated profile of soy protein isolate amino acids creates the environment for anabolism, leading to the development of muscle tissues.

Additionally, it ensures the needed vitamin and mineral supplementation for healthy growth (through the added protein mix), supporting metabolic processes by increasing muscle mass by the carnitine infusion (for an excess of fat)

Moreover, soy protein isolate offers the best anti-catabolic response, providing proteins that creates the proper hormonal environment and energy-efficient efficacy to prevent muscle tissue damage after training.

Composition/100 g of soy protein isolate:

l  Energy value - 379 kcal (1572 kJ)

l  Protein - 91.8 g

l  Fat - 3.3 g

l  Carbohydrates <1 g

l  Calcium - 200 mg

l  Chlorine - 110 mg

l  Copper - 1.4 mg

l  Iron - 16 mg

l  Magnesium - 45 mg

l  Manganese - 11 mg

l  Phosphor - 800 mg

l  Potassium - 100 mg

l  Sodium - 1200 mg

l  Zinc - 4 mg

l  Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)


Soy protein isolate contains the following amino acids which are also valuable for a harmonious muscle growth:

l  L-Leucine

l  L-Lysine

l  L-Threonine

l  L-Valine

l  L-Isoleucine

l  L-Methionine

l  L-Phenylalanine

l  L-Triptofan

l  L-Glutamic Acid

l  L-Aspartic Acid

l  L-Proline

l  L-Alanine

l  L-Serine

l  L-Tyrosine

l  L-Arginine

l  L-Cysteine

l  L-Glycine

l  L-Histidine



Soy protein isolate benefits on muscle building are given by the intrinsic quality of soy protein and the concentration that is specific to the isolate - 90% protein. Additionally, consuming soy protein brings other benefits to overall health including lower cholesterol, lower risk for developing cancer, reduced symptoms in women at menopause, and it also help diabetics to keep their glucose level under control.



March 12 2018


Ultra Omega Burn - Omega 7 For Losing Weight

Omega fatty acids are essential for health, but also to keep you at normal body weight. And we’re talking here about the whole Omega family of fatty acids. However, Omega 7, a less known Omega-type fatty acid, is the best for losing weight, according to the studies.

Healthy fats are supporting the regular functioning of the body

The body needs fat, and more and more specialists draw attention to this, making a clear distinction between them.

So we have healthy fats (essential fatty acids) that we should not exclude from eating and the bad, saturated/trans fats (butter, whole milk, cream, fat cheese, fatty meats, sausage, lard, snacks, cakes, pastries, fries) which must be consumed with moderation.

Your body needs healthy fat because it is important for an alert metabolism that helps you not get fat.

Also, good fats strengthen the immune system, prevent hormonal disturbances, promote better absorption of nutrients at the cellular level, reduce inflammation in the body, protect the health of the brain, heart, and eyes.


What benefits do the Omega essential fatty acids have?

·       Help you lose weight, lowering your appetite and accelerating the burning of calories;

·       Reduce bad cholesterol levels;

·       Strengthen the immune system;

·       Nourish the reproductive organs, skin, hair, and bone tissue;

·       Helps brain function;

·       Prevent heart disease and diabetes;

·       Improve digestion;

·       Eliminate food allergies;


Healthy fats that help you lose weight

Fish - salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, tuna, cod

Omega-rich types of foods, fatty fish must be eaten twice a week to benefit from the protective effects they bring to the body.


They are an excellent source of unsaturated fat and protein, so you can use them both for breakfast and for balanced and healthy snacks.

Pumpkin seeds

They have a high content of Omega fatty acids, as well as lots of vitamins and minerals that nourish the body.

Ground rosemary seeds

They are an important source of Omega fatty acids, but they also supply with these fats and many fiber that regulates digestion.


According to the American Heart Health Association, regular consumption of avocados (at least three times a week) has a beneficial effect on metabolism, stimulating the burning of abdominal fat.

Ultra Omega Burn - Omega 7 benefits

Omega 7 is the least popular type of Omega essential fatty acids but with just as much health benefits.

Researchers linked it in particular to metabolic disorders, where it demonstrated the effectiveness of preventing complications in patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and other disorders.

The most studied and used type of Omega 7 is the palmitoleic acid. Omega 7 sources are macadamia or sea buckthorns.


Benefits of Omega 7 fatty acids include:

·       Reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes;

·       Reducing the plaques on the walls of the blood vessels;

·       Reducing bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol;

·       Reducing the reactive C protein level leading to weight loss and keeping the metabolic syndrome under control;


Omega 7 palmitoleic acid is a very rarely used fatty acid with anti-aging properties and weight loss properties but which is very a common constituent of glycerides in human adipose tissue.

Despite the fact that not many people know about it, Omega 7 palmitoleic acid is present in all tissues, but is generally found in higher concentrations in the liver. It is biosynthesized from palmitic acid by desaturation of the delta-9 enzyme.

Palmitoleic acid is used in the production of soaps, cosmetics, and release agents as it improves the fast skin absorption of the product and helps its good spreading.

The challenge is that palmitoleic acid, in both its "good" and "bad" forms can be found in the same Omega 7 sources. For example, a plant that offers a rich source of palmitoleic acid (eg sea buckthorne) can also be a rich source of palmitic acid. Also, some palmitoleic acid preparations may contain high levels of unhealthy palmitic acid.

Therefore, it is important that the Omega 7 source to be purified to help eliminate unnecessarily saturated fats.

One of the great beneficiaries of Omega 7 palmitoleic acid is the heart. Fatty acid contributes to the correct functioning of the arteries and helps the natural production of good cholesterol in the body.

Moreover, Omega 7 palmitoleic acid can lower the number of harmful proteins that lead to inflammation of the arterial walls. Also, regular consumption of Omega 7 palmitoleic acid can prevent the onset of metabolic syndrome, the 21st century disease, in a natural and savory way.

With a balanced diet, without food excess, and with the inclusion of Omega 7 palmitoleic acid in your daily diet, many diseases can easily be prevented and among them, as I’ve said, there are diabetes and heart diseases, as well as certain forms of cancer.

It should be stressed out that Omega 7 should not be considered as a substitute for medical treatment but as a great supplement that contributes to the proper and healthy functioning of the body.

Although its not considered to have any side effects, if bad symptoms occur, consulting a physician is absolutely essential.


Ultra Omega Burn - Omega 7 For Losing Weight

Harvard researchers conducted a study on 3000 people testing the effects of about 400 fatty acids. During the research they found that Omega 7 was the most active one against  diabetic diseases. The main effect noted by them was to increase the sensitivity of the insulin response rate.

The high concentration of Omega 7 can be the secret of young skin, a bright face, and a body without wrinkles or dry skin. Palmitoleic acid is naturally present in human tissues, including the epidermis

Besides, Omega 7 palmitoleic acids has been observed to be a great weight loss supplement as it is inhibiting the C-reactive protein which has been linked by scientists to fat tissues depositing.

One of the best sources of the purest Omega 7 palmitoleic acid is Ultra Omega Burn weight loss supplement.

Ultra Omega Burn slimming pills are made of the best Omega 7 fatty acid extracted from sea buckthorne plant. Then, it underwent a purification process to eliminate the unhealthy palmitic acid.

Thus, Ultra Omega Burn contains only the healthy and weight loss supportive palmitoleic acid.

Ultra Omega Burn costs as follows:

    • 1 bottle - $49.95 (it covers for 1 month cure)

    • 3 bottles - $119.95 (they cover for 3 months cure)

    • 6 bottles - $199.95 (they cover for 6 months cure)

Plus, every order comes with a 90-day total money-back guarantee.

You can purchase Ultra Omega Burn straight from its official site.


In conclusion

On a market with dozens of different slimming pills supplements struggling one against the other to be the best one, Ultra Omega Burn weight loss supplement is using a special ingredient which has been ignored for decades by both scientists and individuals.

Luckily, now, everyone can take advantage of the benefits of the Omega 7 and, especially, its palmitoleic acid component with the Ultra Omega Burns weight loss supplement which also brings in the other health benefits of Omega 7 such as supporting heart’s health, protecting against diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and so on.

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Weight Loss with a Forskolin Diet

Weight loss can be a challenge however, knowing how to do it or what is the best method for you personally, can make a difference. Many inexperienced individuals go online, look for a diet and start following it or at least try to.

The diet may be too strict, they may not have the discipline required to stick to it, to avoid unhealthy foods and only eat the foods that are in that diet and so they give up. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. You can make your own diet, just so you know.

Also you can have days in which you can cheat, as long as you can go back to the healthy habits, to the diet and to being active. Cheat days can help with cravings, with mood, motivation and so on. You may eat foods that you shouldn't, in that one cheat day and quench your thirst for sweets and whatever, and then go back to eating healthy.

Obviously not cheating is better for progress but you have to realize that not everyone can do that, not everyone is as motivated or as disciplined as some people. It is OK to take it easy and take small steps towards your goal. If you try to do too much, you may end up giving up.

For instance, don't try to run 6km from your first day of running, that is too much and you probably won't be able to do it. I'd recommend setting achievable goals, and going from there, progressively setting higher goals as you advance.

Stick to what you can do because you are bound to have weak muscles and low endurance when you are starting out, however that will change if you keep being active regularly.

You can for instance start with running, jogging and once you build up your stamina enough, you can try jumping rope, sprinting as well as rapidly climbing stairs. All of these burn more calories than just running or jogging, however obviously they require more endurance and strength.

It's a matter of patience as well, because progress does not come easy. However you will discover that hard work doesn't go unpaid, and that when you do work hard, you will see good results.

Forskolin Products:

Why CLA can work for weight loss

Now, remember what I said about the answer not being simple sometimes? Well, CLA can work but it also may not work to burn fat.

It's not as simple as saying yes, it will work for you. It's impossible for me to say that, because individual results vary. Furthermore, CLA actually has plenty of studies.

The results are very mixed, you could say that half of the studies show that it doesn't work and half that it does. It's not quite so exact but it's pretty close to the truth.

CLA has offered conflicting results in trials and while some have had success with using CLA for muscle preservation in weight loss and for burning fat, just as many have been unsuccessful. It's highly unreliable.

More Resources:

October 16 2017


Where to buy Crazy Bulk Supplements?

Crazy Bulk supplements have been present on the muscle growth supplements' niche for 13 years. Crazy Bulk supplements are the best legal alternative method to develop muscles. So, where to buy Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk supplements

These products are between dietary weight loss supplements to supplements which can be an assortment of different steroids. Consequently, Crazy Bulk's products include:

  • D-Bal - supposedly it is identical with the well-known Dianabol steroid
  • Anvarol - an alternative solution to Anavar
  • TBAL75 - mimicking the Trenbolone steroid
  • A-DROLE - swapping the Anadrol steroid
  • Winidrol - swapping Winstrol steroid

D-KA - an alternative solution to Deca-Durobolin

Additionally, Crazy Bulk is offering the next products:

  • HGH-X2 - it is activating the secretion of HGH
  • Clenbuterol - activating the thermogenesis, therefore increasing the metabolic process to be able to get rid of fat more rapidly
  • Testosterone-Max - manufactured from high-concentrated Tribulus Terrestris draw out, it is increasing durability and muscle growth
  • NO2-Max - nitric oxide booster
  • Gynectrol - an element which is lowering} the adipose cells which are building on the muscles tissues

Also, Crazy Bulk offers special recipes that can give the most effective results:

  • Bulking Stack - consists of D-Bal (Dianabol), Testosterone-Max, D-KA (Decaduro), and TBAL75 (Trenbolone)
  • Cutting Stacks - consists of Anvarol (Anavar), Testosterone-Max, Winidrol (Winsitrol), and Clenbutrol
  • Ultimate Stack - consists of D-Bal (Dianabol), Testosterone-Max, D-KA (Decaduro), TBAL75 (Trenbolone), Clenbutrol, and A-Drol (Anadrol)

Who makes the Crazy Bulk products?

Crazy Bulk bulking and weight loss products are created by Wolfson Berg, Ltd.

Wolfson Berg Ltd. is a Cyprus-based company with positive feedback from its clients.

Where to buy Crazy Bulk?

All of the Crazy Bulk supplements can be purchased from their public website, crazy-bulks.com.

The products' prices range between $59.99 and $274.99.

Any kind of side effects?

Crazy Bulk supplements are including whey protein, isoleucine, valine, leucine, Beta Sitosterol, Aspartic Acid, soy protein, L-Carnitine, and various plants components such as Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Ginseng, Samento, Nettle leaf, and others.

Crazy Bulks are steroids alternatives, they may cause the same side effects such as:

  • acne
  • stomach upset
  • high blood pressure

Crazy Bulk - Benefits and drawbacks.


  • A legal and cheap option to steroids, that happen to be costly, hard to procure, and could only be accessible under a medicinal prescription
  • A multitude of steroids alternatives and steroids mixtures for muscle development, weight reduction, and power enhancement


  • Can provide the same side effects as regular steroids, which include acne, abdominal discomfort, and high blood pressure
  • Crazy Bulk supplements could also present the medial side effects which can be linked for the herb ingredients

Crazy Bulk Conclusions

The bottom line is that Crazy Bulk supplements are reliable alternatives to steroids without the same side effects. Therefore, Crazy Bulk muscle growth products are there when you don't want to damage your body with steroids muscle growth supplements.

Read more: https://diets-usa.com/crazy-bulk-reviews/

August 04 2017


Bacteria and Probiotics - How they Work?

As long as we have bacteria in our bodies we will always be at risk of developing a health problem or a bacterial infection and we will always have them in the body and we will always be exposed to them since bacteria are almost everywhere around in our environment. 

The good part in all of this is that we have a natural defense against them, the immune system, and also that not all bacteria are bad and in fact, some of them actually help us by providing us with health benefits and improving or managing our health.

The immune system is always active and whenever a bad microorganism enters the body it eliminates it or inhibits it and prevents it from causing problems or from reproducing and colonizing and having a better chance at causing an infection, however, our immune system is not always at its peak.

If you don't eat well if you are stressed or sick if your body is exposed to really cold temperatures and so on, the immune system can become weaker.

Cold actually weakens your immune system, science proves this and this is the reason why you are more likely to get sick in the winter. The immune system works best at normal body temperature or when it's hot, not when it's cold. It uses heat to fight bacteria or viruses sometimes, that's why you get a fever.

The good bacteria aid our immune system because they help inhibit the bad bacteria and make the job easier for our immune system. They assist in reducing the risk of infection and this is great and works for the long-term if probiotic bacteria are taken into the body regularly. These bacteria are of course living microorganisms so they need to feed and they can die or get killed, your body can kill them for example by bile acids. A healthy lifestyle helps you but also the bacteria in your body to grow and to colonize and to keep helping you by offering their benefits in providing immune support but also digestive support. 

Bacteria prefer to feed on vegetable fiber like cellulose so including more veggies regularly into your diet will be good for them and will help them to survive. Learn more about probiotic supplements: https://diets-usa.com/nucific-bio-x4-reviews

June 05 2017


Healthy Leaf CBD Review

This article is made for individuals that are looking to buy/use CBD oil but that are relatively new to CBD oil and don't know much about CBD oil or about CBD supplements. As with, well, any supplement really, there are quality supplements and there are low-quality ones or scams. When something is popular, and cannabidiol right now is very popular, there will be those that will try to make a quick buck by selling low-quality products but advertising them as high-quality products and making unfounded and exaggerated claims. It's relatively easy to spot the low-quality products or the ones that you need to avoid but many people still buy such products because they often ignore the red flags. For instance, isn't it at the very least a bit suspicious when a CBD supplement claims to be the best CBD pill in the market but offers absolutely no convincing argument or evidence to back up this claim? 

Isn't it normal to ask for evidence? What if I told you that I've somehow discovered the trick, the recipe to living a much longer and healthier life and that I have it in a container, that it works, that it has no side-effects, would you believe me based just on my word and buy it from me without asking for any proof? Of course, you wouldn't, at least any normal, critical thinking individual wouldn't. That is in fact how Healthy Leaf CBD is advertised on some websites. This is a CBD oil supplement which uses cannabis oil, not hemp. Hemp is, for those unaware, a plant from the same species as cannabis but it is non-psychoactive and has almost no THC but is rich in CBD. Anyhow, not only does Healthy Leaf CBD not offer any sort of evidence but last time I tried to access the website I couldn't because it was not there, either removed or offline. Again, this would without a doubt raise some suspicion in a normal individual.

We know next to nothing about Healthy Leaf CBD aside from the claim that it is the best CBD pill in the online market. We don't know why it's the best, but it sure claims to be. We don't know how the CBD oil is extracted, we don't know its purity or potency. Rest assured, however, because it's the best. Clearly, I cannot recommend such a product but I did want to use it as an example of the type of product that you may want to avoid. There is the slight chance that I could be wrong and it's the best but I doubt it, however, there is nothing that points to the fact that this is the best or at the very least a quality CBD oil supplement. It even has reviews but most if not all of them discuss CBD in general, not the product and some people get lost or absorbed in its properties and all this talk about cannabidiol and what it can do and forget about the fact that this is one supplement and that there is no information about the oil that it uses.

May 20 2017


CBD Hemp Oil - The Miracle Pill or Hype?

Cannabis has had a very long history of controversy, that much is certain. It is known to make those that consume it "high", to be psychoactive, in the '90s it became illegal due to some believing that is made people go insane, others fought to make it legal. 

It also has a lot of benefits that it can offer to general health, it can offer therapeutic effects such as reducing pain and inflammation and in recent years there have been scientific studies and clinical trials showing that cannabis and hemp can be used in the treatment of severe diseases, things such as Alzheimer's, epilepsy, cancer, neuropathy, sclerosis, etc.  Read more about CBD Pure Oil

To this day both hemp and cannabis are controversial but nowadays it definitely seems to be having a better reputation, especially with news such as cannabidiol found naturally in cannabis as well as hemp saving a little girl's life and being used as a treatment to inhibit the epileptic seizures that the girl was having quite frequently, daily even and which were intense. 

It is news such as this one that motivates people to make a move towards the legalization of, if not cannabis then at least industrial hemp.

Now, for those of you that do not know, hemp is different from cannabis despite being in or belonging to the same species as the cannabis sativa plant. 

Hemp is non-psychoactive, this is a big difference because it does not alter your mind while you are using it since it has very low quantities of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), making it safer than cannabis. Also, both plants have chemicals known as cannabinoids, THC which I just mentioned is one of them and the psychoactive one, another is CBD (cannabidiol). 

CBD is the chemical that is responsible for the majority of health benefits and therapeutic effects that both hemp and cannabis have and can offer.

Hemp or industrial hemp has higher quantities of cannabidiol than cannabis, which makes it more suitable to be used in the treatment of epilepsy and other sicknesses or health problems.

CBD Pure oil, very rich in cannabidiol, is extracted from the leaves, stalks, buds and flowers of the hemp plant, unlike hemp oil which is extracted from the seeds. It's very important to know which type of oil it is because seeds have less CBD but lots of nutrients while the leaves, stalks and so on are the ones rich in cannabidiol. 

CBD oil can be higher in quality, with more CBD, purer and more potent if a good, high-quality method of extraction is used, one of the best being the CO2 extraction. Make sure you do your research about such things before you buy CBD oil because it makes a difference in the quality and effectiveness.

April 14 2017


Herpeset Cold Sores Remedy?

Cold sores, also known as herpes, is an infection that can appear on the skin, usually on the lips or near the mouth or nose, and that is caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus or HSV-1 if you prefer the shorter version.
It can appear in children as well as adults, some are more susceptible to it due to their DNA or their genes or due to having a weaker immune system, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and so on. 
Some never develop this problem but others that are more unfortunate can actually get herpes multiple times, it keeps coming back due to the virus staying in the body. 
There is no cure for this problem but there is a treatment which has the purpose of reducing the symptoms. It causes stinging, itching, inflammation and some mild pain. 
Although it can look very ugly and disgusting, you shouldn't be too worried unless you have an autoimmune disorder, because for most healthy people it is nothing serious. 
You can even choose to not apply any treatment and it will still go away, but that would mean living with the symptoms and the discomfort until it does go away.
Now, with the rise of more homeopathic products, one has also appeared that is made to treat herpes or cold sores and it is called Herpeset.
  • apis mellifica 3x
  • arsenicum alb 200c
  • baptisia 3x
  • capsicum 6x
  • dulcamara 30c
  • echinacea ang 3x
  • nitricum ac 200c
  • purogenium 200c
  • rhux toxicodendron 200c
  • 20% organic alcohol and purified/distilled water.
Some of you, especially those that like to check out home remedies or homeopathy remedies, may recognize some of the ingredients and two of them are also seen in another similar sublingual spray called Oxyhives.
I'm talking about the apis mellifica and the rhus toxicodendron. Herpeset claims to be safe 100% and to be effective but like Oxyhives, it can't clinically prove it. Actually, it has never been evaluated so it just does not have any proof to speak of.
In a best case scenario, this product could help you but the effectiveness or level of potency is unknown. It has ingredients with potential analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
Cayenne pepper, some of you may know, contains things called salicylates and a little-known fact is that aspirin is a derivative of salicylic acid. Because of this, it could have some analgesic properties.
However, isn't it just better to use an aspirin? Well, probably. That's the thing with homeopathy, it's questionable. Consult with your doctor before using it, that is the course of action I'd recommend.
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ZetaClear Toenail Fungus - Where to Buy?

ZetaClear is a product that claims to solve the problem of toenail fungal infections which occur in the toenails and are caused by fungus overpopulation and growth. 

The name is very self-explanatory, there was no need for me to explain but even so, the real question here is, can ZetaClear help you? 

Some would say yes, I may be inclined to say yes as well, but for me, the possibility of a product helping is not enough, I want something that can guarantee its effectiveness, that can prove that it can work and that will work. 

ZetaClear has not managed to convince me that it is an effective fungal toenail infection treatment. If anything, the lack of clinical evidence and its feedback have convinced me that it may not be worth purchasing and that it may not be able to help me. I am very skeptical about its effectiveness. 

A lot of people these days apply treatments that are not clinically tested, home remedies. They are more popular than you might think, perhaps because it's easy to get your hands on them and they are cheaper than medication or treatments recommended by the medic, found at your local pharmacy but it is not always the case. 

Some home remedies or homeopathic products and other similar products are more expensive than medicine that is clinically proven to work. If you consider that, and also the fact that there's no guarantee that they'll work and no foundation for their claims, it's just not worth it. 

Now, toenail fungal infection is not a big problem. Unless your toenail is separated from the nail bed, there shouldn't be any sort of pain or discomfort. Some even choose to not treat this problem.

The thing is that it can become worst if left untreated. The infection can make the nail thicker and thicker, more distorted and maybe even cause pain due to causing it to separate from the skin of the toe, the nail bed underneath. 

It is true that in ZetaClear there are some ingredients that could help kill bacteria and fungi, such as the tea tree oil, but I am just not convinced about the formula because it can't prove its effectiveness. 

The doses are not mentioned anywhere on the official website, Amazon or anywhere else either. I also have doubt about online comments because there are a lot of complaints and then there are 5 stars comments. 

The results seem much too different. It would be best to consult a medic, or a dermatologist, before applying any treatment to this problem. If you want to find out how much is ZetaClear you must read this article

March 05 2017


VitaPulse top anti-aging supplement

From probiotic bacteria we move to antioxidants and radicals, that is what I will talk about today. Like bacteria, antioxidants, as well as radicals, can also be found naturally in the human body, produced by the human body as opposed to bacteria which come into the body from outside sources such as food or the air, soil, beverages and so on. 

Antioxidants are chemicals or enzymes, such as Coenzyme Q10 which is produced naturally in the human body, which offers protection for your body against radicals and oxidation.

Some antioxidants, like the CoQ10 I just mentioned, are produced by your body naturally while others can be taken from outside sources, food.

An example of an external antioxidant is Pyrroloquinoline quinone, quite a powerful one that can be found in many vegetables and fruits as well.

VitaPulse supplement which I am also talking about today actually contains PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) and also CoQ10 and N-acetylcysteine which is another natural antioxidant found in various foods.

Chances are that those of you reading have heard of the term antioxidant before. If you've ever bought a sunscreen, on the label the word antioxidant may have been mentioned and the reason for why that is is because sun light can produce radicals in your body and damage the skin and skin cells so sunscreens contain antioxidants to protect your skin from the sunlight or more specifically the ultraviolet lights of the sun and protect your skin from radicals. 

The real important question here is what are radicals. I know some of you know exactly what they are and why they are bad for you but not everyone is familiar with the meaning. 

A radical is an unpaired, unstable and highly reactive electron belonging to an atom or a group of atoms. Because it is unpaired and reactive, it attacks other atoms and cellular membranes and molecules in your body causing cellular damage and damaging mitochondrial function, health, slowing down the cellular metabolism, causing your skin to age faster and causing the death of many cells, they may also cause cancer cells and have been linked to cancer multiple times and the list of health issues that they can cause is pretty long.

Some external factors, like sunlight, can cause radicals in your body but your body itself can produce them. Radicals are a by-product of your body's production of energy which is done by your cells, by the mitochondria.

Anyway, antioxidants can offer radicals electrons and pair them and stop them from being harmful to your body, stabilizing them or neutralizing them.

Free radicals have been linked to being one of the factors or causes for heart disorders, circulatory problems, Alzheimer's or age-related cognitive impairment, diabetes, cancer and many other health problems but how dangerous are they really? 

From reading the sicknesses that they might cause you'd think they are very dangerous but there are more factors involved in the development of such problems and there is still more scientific research to be done on finding them all and understanding them, however radicals do cause damage in the human body and the more you have, the higher the risk of developing a health problem, however, this damage can be reduced as most of it comes from environmental factors or unhealthy lifestyle habits.

You see, although your body naturally makes radical by-products from the metabolism or chemical ATP energy production, it also produces antioxidants to neutralize them and to protect the cells. The body still suffers from this damage but many of the radicals are dealt with. 

The problem is when an individual smokes a lot, consumes a lot of alcohol, is under a lot of stress, has unhealthy eating habits, is exposed to ultraviolet light and to pollution and more. 

Factors like cigarette smoke and pollution add more radicals to your body, a lot more in fact which causes oxidative stress and radical chain reactions and that is where the true problem is because the body can be basically bombarded with too many radicals and it can't deal with them all, which is why it's important to live a healthy lifestyle and stay away from unhealthy factors like the ones mentioned above.

Antioxidants are important even if you are exposed to such factors or not because your body still produces radicals although much fewer than when you're exposed to those factors. 

Antioxidants can be found naturally in foods, especially vegetables like carrots, broccoli,  and also in dietary supplements like Vitapulse from Princeton Nutrients. 

Antioxidants nullify free radicals in your body by pairing the radical electrons with electrons offered by the antioxidant. If this is confusing to understand it's because you might not know what radicals are. 

A radical is an unpaired electron that becomes reactive and attacks cells in the body, damaging and eliminating them. It has to be paired to become stable and that is what antioxidants do. They have the property of offering electrons without becoming unstable or reactive.

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February 26 2017


Waht is OxyHives? Best Cure for Hives?

Alright so Oxyhives, what is it? This wasn't so much requested but still, I found that it is a popular product when it comes to the treatment of hives and urticaria, online that is. 

As with anything online, you can almost never be completely certain if it will work, if it is safe and all that, because it doesn't have any clinical or scientific evidence. 

That's right, always the same problem. Perhaps even more true in this case since we're talking about a homeopathic product, made with homeopathic ingredients. 

What is more homeopathic than the body of a honeybee crushed, combined with alcohol and then diluted? Not much else, really. That is the name of one of the ingredients, apis mellifica, which is the name of the honeybee, by the way, the scientific name if you look it up online. 

It's been pretty heavily distilled, about 200 times as you can see on the label if you have viewed the information there, it clearly states apis mellifica 200c.

It also contains some plant extracts, like the arnica montana which is a flower that can be seen growing in mountain areas such as the Carpathian mountains found in Romania. 

Now I am not going to lie, these ingredients do have evidence, they might work, but really, I think this product has some serious consistency and reliability problems which appear obvious in the user feedback that is as good as it is bad, I mean it's composed of good reviews but also bad reviews and complaints. 

It has caused swelling of the tongue or inflammation and it has caused skin rashes apparently so what you can take from this is that you need to make sure you're not allergic to its ingredients, like the apis mellifica. 

If you are not sure, check with your doctor. This product could end up working for you but it might also not work and you can't be wasting your money. That's the problem, there's no credibility with it or certainty.

The worst case scenario is that it could cause inflammation in your throat which could lead to breathing problems. I have not read any complaints in regard to that though but it did come to mind. All in all, Oxyhives appears to have potential to help but it's risky business since it hasn't got any guarantee of efficacy or safety. 
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February 20 2017


My results with CLA Safflower Oil and exercises

Where should you start, if you wanted to start getting rid of excess fat and make your body leaner, become fit? 

Should you get a gym subscription and search for a diet online and start following it, as well as a workout program? Maybe search for a dietary weight loss supplement and use that as well? I guess these are things that come to mind when you think about it. I get asked things like these. 

What I think and what works best for me, from experience of course, is doing research on foods that you should eat and that are good for being low fat/calorie, rich in protein, fiber and all that and what exercises are good and start with small changes and see what works best for you. 

I have discovered that just taking an online diet and a workout made by someone else and following it is hard to follow because it may be too strict and not for you. 

I remember finding a workout for beginners with various body weights exercises, calisthenics and in the end I gave up because it was too difficult.

This is a true story, however, I must mention that I was a very lazy person in the past and I didn't have much motivation, and I was very sedentary.

I had almost no muscles, no strength, no stamina so I would get tired very fast. In the end, I did my own program, with runs in a park near me three days a week, pull-ups and push-ups and abdominal exercises at home, I jumped rope a lot as well and I also lifted weights. 

I had about 25 kg at home, weights for lifting which I actually bought, however just to give you an idea of how weak I was in the very beginning, I could only do dumbells with 10kg, no joke. I would do 10 reps with 10 kg.

Eventually, I could lift 25kg but it took some time, months probably. I also started to run for longer periods of time and I started to like it, I started to listen to music and it helped me last longer, because I noticed that when I was running without music, I would actually give up and stop faster even though I could last for much longer, simply because I'd get bored.

Things like these, even though they are small, are important and help a lot actually. I would workout twice a week or so, sometimes three days and I would always try to run three days each week. My workouts would not last more than 30 minutes, even less, but they would be pretty intense. 

I would always be quite tired at the end and my muscles would ache and I would be pretty sweaty. Intensity is far more important than the time you spend working out, so put more effort into your exercises. 

I want to also mention that I used CLA Safflower Oil supplement as well, it is the only supplementation I used and nothing else. Well, I did take coffee too but that doesn't count. Coffee helps performance and metabolism, and CLA is conjugated linoleic acid, natural, found in milk, dairy products, meat, some plants and so on. 

It's healthy and taken in the right dose, it can help you burn more fat. I definitely could've done it without, but still, I feel like it helped, especially because I was active and I was eating healthy, together with the caffeine. I also took plenty of rest. Rest is essential. 

I took plenty of protein, but no protein supplements. I took my protein from chicken breast, greek yogurt, cottage cheese and so on. I build muscle from working out and taking plenty of protein and rest and muscles, in turn, help you burn even more calories. What you can take from this is that if you do things right, are motivated and have patience, results will undoubtedly come. 

April 24 2015


Pure Moringa Slim Wonder Supplement in Review on Diets USA

"I think that all of out the supplements for weight loss that i ever used, this might have been the first one to give me decent results, and i mean just decent, which says something about weight loss supplements. Honestly, to anyone here in the comment section and anyone that is looking to get fit and is having trouble with being overweight, do not waste your money on purchasing a weight loss supplement, and not because some are completely useless but because even if they work, if you don't live healthier and eat healthier and so on, you won't get nowhere. Losing weight is like a investment in your own body, and it is worth it, but it can't be bought with money. I feel as though this supplement would have been way weaker and slower if i had not been following a diet and going to the gym each morning and doing cardio everyday. I can recommend it, if you're willing to work atleast a bit for it, it can work for you."  - Daniel, Pure Moringa user

I don't know if i could have said it better myself, i always try to make people more aware of this problem and to be more active and to eat healthier and so on because i think it is very important, it is our bodies and our health, what is more important?

I think it is pathetic and sad to be ashamed of your own body and to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and i try to say this, to deliver a message in all of my reviews, a supplement is not enough, even though i review them and recommend the ones i like, it is not enough.
To truly make a difference, you need to work for it, because nothing that was ever worth it, was easy to get.

With that being said, let's talk about Pure Moringa Slim , a supplement to rule them all. I feel as though that line from Lord of the rings works here, since Pure Moringa Slim is the result of multiple popular, successful and to-quality ingredients/supplements into one mix, in one bottle. It has all of their benefits, it contains garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones, green coffee beans, aloe vera, elm bark, caralluma, white kidney bean, forskolin, moringa ( as its name suggests ), etc. Many of those names might sound very familiar to some of you, garcinia Cambogia was called by Dr. Mehmet Oz the "holy grail of weight loss" and others in that list were also reviewed by him and were very popular, still are.

Pure Moringa Slim contains natural and pure extracts from all of these plants and with it plenty of benefits, vitamins, proteinx, antioxitands and minerals. For more information on Pure Moringa Slim, please visit the official website from where it can be ordered online and where testimonials can be viewed.
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January 21 2015


Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin Reviews

I don't generally write reviews, in fact this is actually my 3rd review ever. Usually i just cover my experiences with different weight loss products in order to help people get an idea based upon an honest review of a product from the perspective of a honest, real user.
Since nowadays there are so many scams and fake users and a lot of fake publicity, i thought this would be welcomed. I want to thank all the people that commented on my reviews and this time around i will be talking about Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin, a product that i started using two weeks ago exactly.

I think that two weeks is enough time to tell if a product works or not and if nothing is different then it isn't working, or you're doing something wrong. I am a pretty fit person but i am kind of lazy and from time to time i get a few pounds in, right now i have a belly and i don't like it at all, it bothers me a lot because you can see it through my clothes, well, if i wear like a t-shirt or a blouse.

I have exactly 66.6 kg. at the time of this review, as my scale says.
Since i started using Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin i have lost aproximately 1.5 kg. per week, with a few adjustments in my diet. Aproximately two weeks ago i used to have almost 70 kg and before that i tried to lose weight just by dieting ad it worked, it always does really but it's slow sometimes and i am a person that craves sweet things a lot.

My experience with Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin has been pretty good, no side effects at all. I am quite happy with it, i read in the benefits section that it enhances metabolism and thermogenesis and reduces appetite and i did feel that i was eating less, like i was feeling kind of full and didn't need to eat as much as i normally would and i think it's from the supplement.

So i want to recommend it to you guys as well, it is a herbal supplement based on the COelus Forskohlii, forskolin herbal extract.
This forskolin extract is also used in medicine, to treat high blood pressure and heart disorders. You can find more information on the official website where it can also be ordered: http://www.diets-usa.com/slim-trim-2000-forskolin-review/

December 25 2014


Pure Forskolin Extract Premium Weight Loss Supplement

Pure Forskolin Extract is a product designed to help you lose the extra weight and get rid of that extra belly fat. It is based on forskolin, the substance found in the roots of a plant belonging to the mint family, the COelus FOrskohlii or the Plectranthus Barbatus Plant.

It has been discovered that forskolin can influence the breakdown of stored fats cells in the human body, especially when used as a cream, which indeed it was in an older study on women where it was applied on the skin to burn localized deposited fat. It has also been suggested that it is capable of  releasing fatty acids from adipose tissue resulting in the increase of thermogenesis which influences weight loss. The recommended dose should be 125 mg..

Here are some of the benefits of the Pure Forskolin Extract health care and weight loss supplement :

- it is 100% safe for all healthy people and natural, containing a natural ingredient extracted from plants
- it enhances the metabolic rate and thermogenesis process
- it supresses the appetite of the user
- it burns fat
- it helps with sleep
- it provides the user with more energy, from the burning of fat

Pure Forskolin Extract, unlike other products on the market which lack user feedback and reviews, it has gained a lot of popularity and success and the feedback is for the mosrt part positive and very few complaints. The majority of users reported no negative side-effects and said that the supplement actually works.

However, after a more in-depth research online i managed to find that there was also another study performed on men, with forskolin pills vs a placebo, which had no results and no change in fat levels and metabolism or any other  thing regarding weight loss. And it also lacks any evidence that it works, ih numans, to lose weight, when taken by mouth since normally it's used in medicine to treat high blood pressure or heart disorders, intravenously.
For more information regarding Pure Forskolin Extract, feel free to check the official website of the supplement where you can order it.

December 22 2014


Top Supplement for Weight Loss - Forskolin Thin

For thousands of years people have struggled with weight loss and now more than ever the problem persists and there are a lot of people that are overweight or worse, obese or suffering from diabetes or heart problems because of it. Being overweight can at first seem like a minor problem and in some cases it is taken as a joke to make fun of someone, but it can be dangerous. If you are young and overweight it might not be that much of a problem phisically, though it can hurt your ego because no one likes to be fat, people can make fun of you, also women like strong looking guys, muscles look good and being fit looks good and it looks healthy.

But growing older and being fat can be hard if not dangerous and the thing is that it will be much harder and will seem impossible to get rid of the fat at that age because your body will be tired and it won't have the same strength it once had, your metabolism will be almost in-existent, it is best to deal with the problem while you can, while you're at your best. Just think for awhile, what is more important than your health, than the quality of your life, in the end?

Being fit is being healthy and this will also affect your mood and your confidence. It feels good to look good, a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, being active can change your life and i am in no way hyping this or exaggerating. But it is not very easy, it will not happen overnight and it will not happen while you are sitting down watching the tv or playing video games.

It will also not happen by just taking supplements and sleeping, while it's true that supplements help a lot, whether they're for gaining muscle mass or for burning fat, because they enhance your body to fit your needs, but you should not rely on them. Just like by taking whey protein you won't become a bodybuilder, taking Garcinia Cambogia or Forskolin won't make you skinny or melt your fat away just like that.

Speaking of, this review is actually about a product called Forskolin Thin, but i wanted to start with something to motivate you to start getting fit. I always get questions regarding supplements, it is important to pick a good supplement because otherwise you waste time and money. Forskolin, as you will soon discover, is not one of the good ones, but let's start with what Forskolin is.

Forskolin's a herbal supplement that contains Coleus Forskohlii extract, from the roots of the plant, also called forskolin. It is supposed to burn your fat using your metabolism and thermogenesis, as well as suppress your appetite and help with your sleep while giving you energy. But it has no ingredients list, it hasn't been approved by the FDA and it has no evidence that it works at all. No clinical test or scientific research that shows it works for humans, that it burns fat, when taken by mouth. It has proven that it can help with heart disorders and with high blood pressure, but when it comes to weight loss, wake me up when you've got proof, until then i do not recommend it.

If you want more information you can check out our website review of Forskolin Thin where you can also get it.

December 11 2014


Forskolin Fuel Supplement in Review on Diets-usa.com

What is Forskolin Fuel?

Forskolin Fuel is a herbal supplement to put it simply, that was designed to burn fat. It does exactly that, it contains only natural ingredients to do so and it has no side-effects for healthy users. It is based on the forskolin extract from where it also takes its name.
Forskolin, the chemical, is extracted from the root of the Coleus Forskolii plant, a mint plant.

How does Forskolin Fuel help you lose weight?

Well, Forskolin Fuel can break fat cells in the body with the help of enhanced metabolism, thermogenesis. Forskolin can also help with supressing your appetite as well as helping with sleep. It comes in the shape of pills, recommended to take 2 per day, before your meals, or whatever your medic recommends to you.

Does it have any side-effects?

Generally no, it is safe for all healthy people, though there have been a few complaints. Forskolin influences low blood pressure and the muscles of the  heart. Forskolin Fuel is not recommended for people with diabetes or other medical conditions or that take medication and also not for pregnant or nursing women. Strongly advised that you consult with a health care expert before using Forskolin.

Based on user feedback, it does work, but remember to have a healthy diet and be active, otherwise don't expect any miracles.
And for more information, please visit the official webpage of the Forskolin Fuel supplement.

November 28 2014


Wartrol Supplement to remove Warts

Wartrol is designed to help you get rid of your common warts on your skin surface but it hasn't been clinically tested or proven to work on other kinds of warts and it hasn't been approved by the FDA.
Among its many ingredients, it is also based on salicylic acid which influences the diminish of the wart. Here is a list of ingredients for Wartrol.

- ethyl alcohol
- flexible collodion 
- menthol
- polysorbate-80
- ascorbic acid
- hydroxypropylcellulose
- salycilic acid

There are multiple ways to get rid of warts, i am not familiar with all of them but salicylic acid is used in multiple products to diminish warts.
Also, newer treatments can make use of aerosols to freeze the warts down and this way, get rid of them. All you have to do is wash your face to make sure it is clean and dry it and just apply Wartrol on the wart. People usually use it twice per day and results have been seen from a few days to a couple of weeks of usage. Even though it hasn't been approved by the FDA, its ingredients have been and they are safe and efficient and are used in other fields.

Wartrol, however, is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, poor blood circulation, etc. It is strongly recommended that you check with your health care provider before purchasing or using Wartrol, or any other product for that matter. Also i don;t think i mentioned this but Wartrol also helps in preventing warts from coming back, not just getting rid of them. If you want to know more about it or if you are interested in purchasing and trying Wartrol, please do not hesitate to visit the official website of the product: http://www.diets-usa.com/wartrol-reviews-work/
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