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My results with CLA Safflower Oil and exercises

Where should you start, if you wanted to start getting rid of excess fat and make your body leaner, become fit? 

Should you get a gym subscription and search for a diet online and start following it, as well as a workout program? Maybe search for a dietary weight loss supplement and use that as well? I guess these are things that come to mind when you think about it. I get asked things like these. 

What I think and what works best for me, from experience of course, is doing research on foods that you should eat and that are good for being low fat/calorie, rich in protein, fiber and all that and what exercises are good and start with small changes and see what works best for you. 

I have discovered that just taking an online diet and a workout made by someone else and following it is hard to follow because it may be too strict and not for you. 

I remember finding a workout for beginners with various body weights exercises, calisthenics and in the end I gave up because it was too difficult.

This is a true story, however, I must mention that I was a very lazy person in the past and I didn't have much motivation, and I was very sedentary.

I had almost no muscles, no strength, no stamina so I would get tired very fast. In the end, I did my own program, with runs in a park near me three days a week, pull-ups and push-ups and abdominal exercises at home, I jumped rope a lot as well and I also lifted weights. 

I had about 25 kg at home, weights for lifting which I actually bought, however just to give you an idea of how weak I was in the very beginning, I could only do dumbells with 10kg, no joke. I would do 10 reps with 10 kg.

Eventually, I could lift 25kg but it took some time, months probably. I also started to run for longer periods of time and I started to like it, I started to listen to music and it helped me last longer, because I noticed that when I was running without music, I would actually give up and stop faster even though I could last for much longer, simply because I'd get bored.

Things like these, even though they are small, are important and help a lot actually. I would workout twice a week or so, sometimes three days and I would always try to run three days each week. My workouts would not last more than 30 minutes, even less, but they would be pretty intense. 

I would always be quite tired at the end and my muscles would ache and I would be pretty sweaty. Intensity is far more important than the time you spend working out, so put more effort into your exercises. 

I want to also mention that I used CLA Safflower Oil supplement as well, it is the only supplementation I used and nothing else. Well, I did take coffee too but that doesn't count. Coffee helps performance and metabolism, and CLA is conjugated linoleic acid, natural, found in milk, dairy products, meat, some plants and so on. 

It's healthy and taken in the right dose, it can help you burn more fat. I definitely could've done it without, but still, I feel like it helped, especially because I was active and I was eating healthy, together with the caffeine. I also took plenty of rest. Rest is essential. 

I took plenty of protein, but no protein supplements. I took my protein from chicken breast, greek yogurt, cottage cheese and so on. I build muscle from working out and taking plenty of protein and rest and muscles, in turn, help you burn even more calories. What you can take from this is that if you do things right, are motivated and have patience, results will undoubtedly come. 

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