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Waht is OxyHives? Best Cure for Hives?

Alright so Oxyhives, what is it? This wasn't so much requested but still, I found that it is a popular product when it comes to the treatment of hives and urticaria, online that is. 

As with anything online, you can almost never be completely certain if it will work, if it is safe and all that, because it doesn't have any clinical or scientific evidence. 

That's right, always the same problem. Perhaps even more true in this case since we're talking about a homeopathic product, made with homeopathic ingredients. 

What is more homeopathic than the body of a honeybee crushed, combined with alcohol and then diluted? Not much else, really. That is the name of one of the ingredients, apis mellifica, which is the name of the honeybee, by the way, the scientific name if you look it up online. 

It's been pretty heavily distilled, about 200 times as you can see on the label if you have viewed the information there, it clearly states apis mellifica 200c.

It also contains some plant extracts, like the arnica montana which is a flower that can be seen growing in mountain areas such as the Carpathian mountains found in Romania. 

Now I am not going to lie, these ingredients do have evidence, they might work, but really, I think this product has some serious consistency and reliability problems which appear obvious in the user feedback that is as good as it is bad, I mean it's composed of good reviews but also bad reviews and complaints. 

It has caused swelling of the tongue or inflammation and it has caused skin rashes apparently so what you can take from this is that you need to make sure you're not allergic to its ingredients, like the apis mellifica. 

If you are not sure, check with your doctor. This product could end up working for you but it might also not work and you can't be wasting your money. That's the problem, there's no credibility with it or certainty.

The worst case scenario is that it could cause inflammation in your throat which could lead to breathing problems. I have not read any complaints in regard to that though but it did come to mind. All in all, Oxyhives appears to have potential to help but it's risky business since it hasn't got any guarantee of efficacy or safety. 
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