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CBD Hemp Oil - The Miracle Pill or Hype?

Cannabis has had a very long history of controversy, that much is certain. It is known to make those that consume it "high", to be psychoactive, in the '90s it became illegal due to some believing that is made people go insane, others fought to make it legal. 

It also has a lot of benefits that it can offer to general health, it can offer therapeutic effects such as reducing pain and inflammation and in recent years there have been scientific studies and clinical trials showing that cannabis and hemp can be used in the treatment of severe diseases, things such as Alzheimer's, epilepsy, cancer, neuropathy, sclerosis, etc.  Read more about CBD Pure Oil

To this day both hemp and cannabis are controversial but nowadays it definitely seems to be having a better reputation, especially with news such as cannabidiol found naturally in cannabis as well as hemp saving a little girl's life and being used as a treatment to inhibit the epileptic seizures that the girl was having quite frequently, daily even and which were intense. 

It is news such as this one that motivates people to make a move towards the legalization of, if not cannabis then at least industrial hemp.

Now, for those of you that do not know, hemp is different from cannabis despite being in or belonging to the same species as the cannabis sativa plant. 

Hemp is non-psychoactive, this is a big difference because it does not alter your mind while you are using it since it has very low quantities of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), making it safer than cannabis. Also, both plants have chemicals known as cannabinoids, THC which I just mentioned is one of them and the psychoactive one, another is CBD (cannabidiol). 

CBD is the chemical that is responsible for the majority of health benefits and therapeutic effects that both hemp and cannabis have and can offer.

Hemp or industrial hemp has higher quantities of cannabidiol than cannabis, which makes it more suitable to be used in the treatment of epilepsy and other sicknesses or health problems.

CBD Pure oil, very rich in cannabidiol, is extracted from the leaves, stalks, buds and flowers of the hemp plant, unlike hemp oil which is extracted from the seeds. It's very important to know which type of oil it is because seeds have less CBD but lots of nutrients while the leaves, stalks and so on are the ones rich in cannabidiol. 

CBD oil can be higher in quality, with more CBD, purer and more potent if a good, high-quality method of extraction is used, one of the best being the CO2 extraction. Make sure you do your research about such things before you buy CBD oil because it makes a difference in the quality and effectiveness.

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