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Bacteria and Probiotics - How they Work?

As long as we have bacteria in our bodies we will always be at risk of developing a health problem or a bacterial infection and we will always have them in the body and we will always be exposed to them since bacteria are almost everywhere around in our environment. 

The good part in all of this is that we have a natural defense against them, the immune system, and also that not all bacteria are bad and in fact, some of them actually help us by providing us with health benefits and improving or managing our health.

The immune system is always active and whenever a bad microorganism enters the body it eliminates it or inhibits it and prevents it from causing problems or from reproducing and colonizing and having a better chance at causing an infection, however, our immune system is not always at its peak.

If you don't eat well if you are stressed or sick if your body is exposed to really cold temperatures and so on, the immune system can become weaker.

Cold actually weakens your immune system, science proves this and this is the reason why you are more likely to get sick in the winter. The immune system works best at normal body temperature or when it's hot, not when it's cold. It uses heat to fight bacteria or viruses sometimes, that's why you get a fever.

The good bacteria aid our immune system because they help inhibit the bad bacteria and make the job easier for our immune system. They assist in reducing the risk of infection and this is great and works for the long-term if probiotic bacteria are taken into the body regularly. These bacteria are of course living microorganisms so they need to feed and they can die or get killed, your body can kill them for example by bile acids. A healthy lifestyle helps you but also the bacteria in your body to grow and to colonize and to keep helping you by offering their benefits in providing immune support but also digestive support. 

Bacteria prefer to feed on vegetable fiber like cellulose so including more veggies regularly into your diet will be good for them and will help them to survive. Learn more about probiotic supplements: https://diets-usa.com/nucific-bio-x4-reviews

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