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Caffeine as weight loss supplement

Caffeine is a key ingredient in many dietary supplements, like WOLFSON BERG Ltd PhenQ weight loss supplement, because of its diuretic, appetite suppressing and fat burning properties, qualities that were proven in various clinical studies.

Caffeine can be found naturally in coffee, some types of nuts and in the leaves of some tropical plants, but it can also be found in various types of energy drinks, sodas, caffeine pills, and weight loss supplements.

In essence, caffeine is a psychoactive drug, which upon consumption stimulates the central nervous system, conferring to the consumer a boost of energy combined with an increased alertness state.


How can caffeine potentiate the effects of weight loss supplements?

To reveal you the answer, let me make a small case-study on the earlier mentioned PhenQ weight loss supplement, which is at the moment the best product on the weight loss supplements market.

PhenQ is made based on a unique recipe, combining the power of 9 different ingredients that are proven to help people losing weight:

l  Caffeine

l  α-LACYS RESET (alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine, and magnesium)

l  Capsicum

l  Nopal cactus extract

l  Piperine

l  Vitamin B3

l  Calcium

l  Chromium

l  L-Carnitine


Among them, caffeine plays an important role as an energy booster, potentiating the PhenQ weight loss supplement effects by simply keeping your body and mind in an active state. Caffeine in PhenQ is also a great help in the weight loss process, because of its diuretic, metabolic accelerating and appetite suppressing properties. In PhenQ weight supplement, alongside with Nopal cactus extract, caffeine stops the fluid retention process, flushing the fluids from the tissues, finally eliminating them through urine and sweat.


Is caffeine consumption safe for everyone?

To be honest, consuming caffeine could lead to hypertension and even to heart issues. If you know that you're facing hypertension, heart activity disorders, or other vascular disorders you have to be careful about how much caffeine you can consume to be safe.

If you're planning on using PhenQ, you don't need to worry, because the caffeine amount found in PhenQ weight supplement is in a safe quantity for every consumer, because PhenQ is not only using caffeine's weight loss power, but the combined power of 9 ingredients, as I've already explained, above.


What is the recommended daily dose of caffeine supplement?

If we're talking about weight loss supplements, the dosage indicated by the producer must be respected strictly.

In PhenQ weight supplement case, 2 pills every day is the recommended dose.


How to know if a weight loss supplement is safe?

Check on who is the producer and Google for any information you want to find out about it or simply contact the producer.

Search on the product's page for any FDA (for the US) or GMP (for the UK) approvals.

Research on clinical studies that involved that weight loss supplement consumption.


To make it easy for you, the PhenQ weight loss supplement is produced by WOLFSON BERG Ltd., a trusted producer, approved by both FDA and GMP.

There have been conducted several clinical studies on PhenQ, with great results, making of PhenQ weight loss supplement the most trustworthy and reliable product on the market.

Read more about PhenQ and benefit of our special offer: https://diets-usa.com/phenq-reviews/

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